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AquaLastic™ is an effective tool for water management and conservation for the rehabilitation of decayed and crumbling concrete canals or hydraulic structures through sealing cracks and holes where water seepage occurs.

The unique AquaLastic™ plural component polyurea elastomer has been developed specifically for under-water applications where the wear of water flow as well as impacts from floating objects makes almost all crack sealing a very short-lived solution. AquaLastic™ properties, which include exceptional adhesion flexibility and elongation, mean that this product has extreme longevity of life in even the toughest of under-water applications.

Advantages of AquaLastic™

  • Effectively stops leaks in cracked concrete lining and saves water
  • Protects submerged metals with one coating, no need to recoat year after year
  • Large savings compared to other methods of repair, such as lining replacement, grouting, etc.
  • Helps prevent further deterioration by utilizing the products adhesion, flexibility, and strength
  • Standard sand-blasting preparation can be done by irrigation district forces
  • AquaLastic™ is a reliable product, manufactured in America
  • 8 year old applications show no degradation under normal operations

AquaLastic™ Properties

  • Flexible membrane with water and chemical resistance
  • Fast 2 minute set times allowing quick canal refill time
  • Can be applied during extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Over 800 time elongation factor
  • Strength factor of 3400 psi to absorb impacts


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